Sunday, 28 January 2018

VLOG: Copenhagen at Christmas

Following on from my last blog post, here's some clips of what I got up to in Copenhagen over Christmas. Let me know what you think of it and leave your channel name below too so I can check out your videos!

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Copenhagen at Christmas

Long time no blog post! I had a pretty hectic Christmas and, as a result, my blog suffered. However, I'm back now and I'm hoping to get into a routine of posting weekly again. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year - seems a bit late to be saying that still! Anyway, over Christmas I visited Copenhagen with my boyfriend for three nights and it's one of my favourite places that I've ever been, so I thought that I would share with you what I got up to whilst I was there. Prepare for a lot of photos...

Where to stay:
We stayed at Wakeup Copenhagen in Borgergade, which was centrally located and meant that we could walk everywhere. The hotel was relatively inexpensive and boasted a cool design, as well as spotlessly clean facilities. The room included: air conditioning, free wifi, TV, desk, and there was the option to have breakfast in the restaurant but we decided not to do this. Wakeup Copenhagen is perfect if you don't want to splurge on accommodation but also still want to be in a good location (it took about ten minutes to walk to Nyhavn).

Where to visit:
Copenhagen has plenty of things to do - even just walking through the streets is enjoyable. We came across Christiansborg Palace whilst we were on our way to Christiania. The Palace has a tower, which is free to go up, and gives amazing views across Copenhagen. You can also buy tickets to access other areas of Christiansborg Palace but we didn't do this. Freetown Christiania is very different to the rest of Copenhagen - it's an old military base which was taken over by hippies in the 1970s. The neighbourhood is green and car-free and features colourful homemade houses. It's definitely worth a visit if you want to experience a different side to Copenhagen. The Design Museum was only a ten minute walk from our hotel and featured fascinating exhibitions - some were permanent whilst others were only temporary. My favourite exhibition was 'I am black velvet', which displayed some of the haute couture designs by Erik Mortensen for Balmain (this exhibition is there until 18th March 2018). Rosenborg Castle was also quite near to our hotel and it wasn't too expensive to visit. There's plenty of things to see in the Castle and it's situated in a park, which would be a nice place to relax in Spring/Summer. Whenever I think of Copenhagen I think of the colourful houses that line the canal in Nyhavn. It's worth a stroll down the canal just to see the picturesque houses and there's also a bridge which contains love locks, so maybe you can add your own lock to it. Finally, Tivoli Gardens was my favourite place that we visited. It was the most festive place in Copenhagen! There were loads of Christmas trees, fake snow and sparkly lights. Also, Tivoli had a really nice food area, which wasn't too pricey and had loads of different options. Tivoli has an amusement park (it's the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world), so it's still worth a visit even when it's not decked out with Christmas decorations.

Where to eat:
Meyers Bageri was just around the corner from our hotel and their kanelsnegle (aka cinnamon roll) came highly recommended - it did not disappoint! They sell a selection of delicious pastries and at a reasonable price - you should definitely go here if you're near by. For lunch, the Faetter Faetter Toast Bar in the Norrebro area serve amazing toasties. These are quite expensive for the size of them and you need two or three for a sufficiently sized lunch. However, if you don't mind spending a bit extra on lunch one day, then this is definitely worth a visit. We didn't eat dinner at any restaurants whilst we were in Copenhagen because they're all quite expensive. Instead, we went to Copenhagen Street Food on Paper Island, which was so much cheaper than the restaurants and the food was delicious! Unfortunately, Copenhagen Street Food closed down a few days after we left but there's a new food market opening in May 2018, which will hopefully be just as good.

This is probably the longest blog post I've ever wrote - I just had so much to share with you! Hopefully, you'll love Copenhagen as much as I do if you visit. Are you going away anywhere this year?