Thursday, 29 October 2015

MAC Twig Lipstick

I'm currently battling an obsession with MAC lipsticks - every time I pass a MAC counter I feel an urge to buy one! The latest addition to my ever-growing collection of MAC lipsticks is Twig. I had been eyeing up this lipstick for some time before I finally bought it. Twig is satin in formula and described on the MAC website as "soft muted brownish-pink", and I'd say they've hit the nail on the head with that description. What I love most about this lipstick is that I can apply it in the morning and the colour will remain on my lips all day, without needing to be reapplied. However, I would say that Twig starts to feel less creamy after a few hours of wearing it and my lips start to go dry - but that could just be my lips!

I feel rather smug that I managed to unintentionally pick up a shade perfect for autumn. Twig is a bold colour but not as bold as some of the vampy shades sported in autumn; so if you want to wear a darker shade than your natural lip colour but don't feel comfortable wearing a really bold colour then Twig is the perfect shade for you. What MAC lipstick is your favourite? Maybe I'll buy that one next!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Lush Haul

I'm ashamed to admit that I have not visited a Lush store in a while now. However, the realization that Lush's Christmas products are out now is what tempted me into a store. I had completely used up all of my Lush products so this was the perfect opportunity to stock up - mainly on bubble bars as these are my favourite product that Lush sells!

The first Christmas product I picked up was the Five Gold Rings. They are five glittery bubble bars held together on a string, which crumble and foam when placed in water. I was attracted to this product because it contains vanilla (a scent I absolutely adore!), and it's also packed with illipe butter and moringa oil, which are two skin softening ingredients. This product definitely gets me into the Christmas spirit, even if there is still nine weeks to go...

The second Christmas product I got was the Butterbear. I'm usually attracted to the colourful or glittery products that Lush has to offer, however, I picked up the Butterbear because of the ingredients it contains; skin softening cocoa butter paired with a beautiful vanilla scent. This product is a real winner for me as when I step out the bath my skin feels silky smooth, so I will definitely be visiting Lush in the near future to pick up some more of these.

After browsing the Christmas products for a good twenty minutes I turned my attention to this Sparkly Pumpkin for Halloween. This citrus bubble bar turns the bath water a vibrant orange colour and makes me feel rather autumnal - especially with some pumpkin scented candles lit around the bath. The bubble bar contains juniperberry, lime and grapefruit oils, which are perfect for soaking in the bath for hours!

Once I'd finished looking at the themed products I bought a couple of the regular products; the first one was The Comforter. This could be my favourite Lush product ever! I've bought this many times now and I manage to get about five baths out of each bubble bar. It foams very quickly under water and turns the bath water an amazing pink colour - which doesn't stain the bath tub. The cassis absolute gives a pleasant fruity fragrance and my skin feels smooth for hours after getting out of the bath. I urge anyone who hasn't already tried one of these to go and buy one!

The last product I picked up was the Granny Takes a Dip bubble bar. I had never tried this one before (or the bath bomb which is now discontinued I believe) but I had heard many rave reviews about it. The bubble bar smells incredible; it's a blend of ginger, pepper and lemon oil. It also foams very quickly, however, the bath bomb version of this is apparently more colourful. I would love to try the Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb, if it gets brought back out, to compare the two of them.

Overall, I'm loving all of the products I recently purchased from Lush and I will definitely be going back there before Christmas to pick up some of their other Christmas products - so watch this space for a 'Lush Christmas Haul'! What products are you liking from Lush at the moment?

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Benefit The POREfessional

The POREfessional primer from Benefit is a key player in my makeup routine. Ever since I began wearing foundation I have always put a primer underneath it but it wasn't until about seven months ago that I decided to take the plunge and invest in a slightly more expensive primer. After reading lots of positive reviews of The POREfessional I decided that this was the one - and it could be the best decision I've ever made! 

Being unfortunately graced with larger pores than normal made this primer seem like the perfect solution to all my problems and, although it doesn't make them disappear completely, it definitely minimizes them and makes them less visible. My skin verges on the oily side - particularly on my nose - but The POREfessional reduces how oily my skin gets through the day so I no longer need to bring a loose powder with me whenever I leave my house. Obviously this primer doesn't stop oil completely but I'd say my face lasts around eight hours before it starts to get oily, which is when I'll apply a powder. The great thing about this primer is that my foundation goes on very smoothly and it lasts for hours without me needing to reapply the foundation or concealer (the current foundation that I'm using is Nars Sheer Glow - it's AMAZING!). The only problem I have with this primer is that I have to use more than I thought I would to cover my whole face; a little bit doesn't go a long way in this case! Despite this, a tube of The POREfessional manages to last me about six months with nearly daily use.

In conclusion, I absolutely adore this primer and can't imagine my makeup routine without it anymore! Let me know what you think of this primer if you've tried it and if not then tell me what your favourite primer is.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

I've finally got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette! I'm aware that I'm slightly late to the game - this has been on my wishlist since I first heard about it! Anyway, when I first opened the box to this I instantly fell in love with the new packaging; it's magnetic and has a beautiful design on the case, which makes it more elegant in appearance than it's predecessors. Another bonus of this palette is that it came with a leaflet showing four different looks you can create with it (I don't know if all the smoky palettes come with this leaflet or whether it was specific to the place I bought it from, which was Feel Unique). I found this leaflet useful to start with because it gave me some idea of what shades go well together.

The shades in the palette are grouped together - the first four are glitter shades, the middle four are satin shades and the last four are matte shades. I prefer this layout to the previous palettes where they're all mixed together. My favourite would be the glitter shades because I can use these with any look that I want to create. 'High' will be particularly good for highlighting the brow bone, hence I can use it every time I put on eyeshadow! The only problem with the glitter shades is that some of the glitter gets on my face which is a bit annoying. The satin shades will be getting less use from me; particularly 'Black Market' and 'Smolder' because I find it hard to work with shades this dark, although 'Black Market' may be good to line the lash line. I like to use the matte shades to tone down the glitter shades. Adding 'Whiskey' to the crease and outer corners of my eyes is one of my favourite looks from the matte shades because it adds depth to the eyes.

Overall, I absolutely love this palette... I may even go as far as saying it's my favourite Urban Decay palette to date! What do you think of this palette? And which Urban Decay palette is your favourite?